Wakeboarding is heavily impacted by the weather around us. From the temperature and wind to the extended periods of time spent wet above the water, wakeboarding is heavily impacted by the weather around us. We all have the basic understanding of layering for the snow, so why are we treating the water any different? We need to layer correctly to keep warm. for the last three years, we have been secretly developing products designed for our sport to extend our riding time, while making the colder months more enjoyable to ride in.

3.11 Spray – Wind and water protection
The outer spray jackets function is to provide wind, with water repellent protection. This light weight outer shell, minimise the wind chill factor while also minimising water absorption. Maintaining a light feel while riding and can be worn as the conditions change. Both models are made with a rip stop, stretch material, made from 95% recycled polyester. This makes this product part of our S.P.R range.
3.12 Neo Outer – Wind with added warmth
These 2mm outer jackets are made using our super stretch neoprene. Neoprene stops the wind completely and will also help maintain the body temperature. There are 2 models in the 3.12 layer the trench coat, which is a button up more fitted jacket, made with our Duraprene neoprene and the hoody coat, is more of a traditional neoprene fit outer jacket.
3.2 Impact Vest/Buoyancy aid
This layer will also add warmth, but primarily it’s for safety of the user. We refer to this layer as a vest. Its primary role is to minimise impacts during hard hits and providing the rider with added buoyancy while in the water.
3.3 Base Layer – Neo wetsuits
We have worked closely with the worlds leading manufacturers to create a small essential line of wetsuits that meet the same standards we demand for all Follow products. From raw material selection, right up to fit and function, we take no shortcuts. We believe it’s the little things that make a world of difference to a performance wetsuit.