1st no fake friends tour

#NOFAKEFRIENDS Thailand trip from Follow wake on Vimeo.   To kick off the season properly, Follow meet up at Thai Wake Park to explore the Thai Wake scene for the #NOFAKEFRIENDS Tour. Anna Nikstad, Angelika Schriber, Jonathan “Shocky” Silvershatz, Ivan “FAME” Kogan, William Klang and Oli Derome got on a plane to Phuket for a […]

Brenton Priestley | Rockstar Energy

  There is no other way to describe this guy. Brenton Priestley is a savage! This is a new project brought to you by Rockstar Energy. Filmed & Edited by Aaron Rathy

Welcome to the pro ranks – Anna Nikstad

If you haven’t heard of Anna Nikstad by now you must not be keeping up to date! Last year we added Anna to our Am wakeboarder program at Surf Expo and since then she has been crushing every cable contest in sight, traveling the world and filming web edits that in our opinion are raising […]

THAT’S LIVIN’ – Episode 2

Join BP and the crew on the second leg of their road trip through the USA – Subscribe to stay up to date with new episodes HERE  

Introducing the Follow SPR

As wakeboarders, nature is our playground, meaning we rely on our rivers, lakes, damns and their surroundings for wakboarding to exist. At follow – we have spent some time ensuring the air and water emissions from our processes are clean. We call this the Sustainable Performance Range (SPR)

Season Seven Lookbook

Take a look at the latest collection in the Follow Season Seven lookbook. Images by Bryan Soderlind, Stephen Guidry and Matt Rodgers.