LAYER 3.1 2 Upstate Neo

Ride like a tiger, or a leopard if you like, in this longer coach-length fit. The Upstate Neo jacket allows for a more defined look out on the water while keeping the rider fully protected from the harsher elements of the mid-winter blues. Thanks to the 2mm super stretch neoprene, the wind factor is completely removed while your body temperature is kept warmer for riding on colder days. Multiple stash pockets ensure that the money you’ve been earning from turning tricks can be kept safe while you ride. Lycra hand sleeves keep the jacket from pushing up your arms and minimise water finding its way in. The hood is fully secured to stop flapping while the longer length coach fit ensures you’ll stay comfortable all day long. The Upstate Neo jacket is all new for Season 10.

Construction Features

– NEW! Model for Season 10.
– NEW! Longer Coach Length Fit.
– NEW! Lycra Hand Sleeves.
– 2mm super stretch neoprene.
– Follow hood secure button to stop hood flapping.
– Multiple Stash pockets.
– Velcro wrist straps.
– Super stretch sublimated neoprene.
– Distressed leather zipper pulls.
– Relaxed fit for freedom of movement.

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