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Inflatable Boat Docking System. For Those Who Hate Sand & Mud In Their Boat. Sick of the dirt in your boat? Sick of rubbing your hull on the bottom of the lake? We have solved the common daily use problems of safely storing your boat on the water. This has been designed to fit most ski/waterski boats. Its primary use is to be used as a launch, entry and exit dock. Make summer less stressful and enjoy a beer on the shore without worrying about your boat.

– Made from high quality drop stitch construction.
– 500 D PVC material with internal warp weave for extra strength and stability
– Dual underwater stabilising anchors to make it stable when in the water.
– 7 stainless steel reinforced D rings for tie connection points
– 4 reinforced hand loops to secure it.

Front Sizes
3.4m x 2.2m x 16 cm

Side Sizes
2.8m x 1m x 16 cm

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