S.P.R Basic Slim Mens Jacket

With trademark Follow minimalism and attention to detail, the SPR Slim Fit by Andrew Pastura makes you feel like you’re not wearing a vest at all. The Pro Fit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body. Recycled polyester jersey made from recycled plastic bottles. Aqua X glue – solvent free so there are no more harmful solvent chemicals. PVC free buoyancy foam. Duel layer neoprene construction. Reduced individual foam panel segments. YKK locker zipper with silicon dipped pull string.

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Andrew Pastura is one of the world’s most respected skater with his slim designed vest reflecting his perfect timeless style.


This was the first impact jacket we developed. We wanted a clean looking, performance fit. The Pro Fit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body and not up around your ears in the water. If you’re not Mr Fitness, don’t stress, just go up a size, we wont tell anyone.

Dual-Layer Neoprene

Wet neoprene greatly increases in size by roughly 10%, depending on thickness and materials. We use both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize this effect. Dual-Layer Neoprene keeps the vest fitting as intended and helps to reduce chest expansion in the water.

Reduced Individual Segments

Follow works closely with our factory to minimize the foam pocket sizing and use a direct stitch-through process to manage areas that are prone to movement. This keeps all our foam in place for years to come.

Recycled Polyester Jersey

This Product is made using Recycled Polyester Jersey made from recycled plastic bottles. About 15 plastic bottles are used to create the material for each vest.


In a nutshell, PVC plastic is uniquely toxic among plastics because of its highly toxic ingredients which readily migrate into the environment during its production, use and its disposal. So no PVC = Happy Earth.


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