S.P.R Freemont Mens Jacket

USD$ 189.99

Authentic and natural, the S.P.R Freemont is the most ergonomic vest on the water today. At first glance it looks and feels like your average high-end jacket, but dig deeper and you’ll discover some serious high-performance features, using a variety of unique fabrics plus lightweight polyester jersey made from recycled plastic bottles. Our Aqua-X glue has removed any trace of solvent, making this the most stylish and conscientious jacket we have ever produced, containing all the best materials while keeping true to the core values of our S.P.R range. The Yulex natural rubber feel will ensure that when you try this vest on you will never want to take it off. The Freemont is the best jacket for one of the best dudes we know – Oli Derome.

Construction Features

– NEW! TrueFit Internal Liner.
– NEW! Premium Close Zipper.
– NEW! Puff Vest Stitching Flex Panels.
– 2mm Debossed Chest Logo.
– Yulex natural rubber.
– Polyester jersey made from recycled plastic bottles.
– Aqua-X glue – solvent free so there are no more harmful chemicals.
– G-lite PVC free foam, the softest and best we can source.
– Dual layer neoprene construction.
– Reduced individual foam panel segments.
– Distressed leather zipper pulls.

Fit Guide

Authentic and natural, the S.P.R Freemont is the most ergonomic vest on the water today.


Wet neoprene increases in size by roughly 10%, depending on thickness and materials. We use both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize this effect. Dual-Layer neoprene keeps the vest fitting as intended and helps to reduce chest expansion in the water.


Follow works closely with our factory to minimize the foam pocket sizing and to use a direct stitch-through process to manage areas that are prone to movement. This keeps all our foam in place for years to come.


The highest quality PVC-Free Foam available. PVC plastic is uniquely toxic among plastics because of its ingredients which readily migrate into the environment during its production, use and disposal.


Solvent-free, aqua-based lamination glue. Laminated with Aqua-X solvent-free glue. No more harmful solvent chemicals in your Neoprene products.


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